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Covid-19 Update : April 25th, 2020 Prudential will provide Additional Insurance Cover Against COVID-19, according to Myanmar Times.

Under the COVID-19 Free Cover initiative, Prudential Myanmar will issue lump sum benefits to any of its life insurance customers who is unfortunately diagnosed with COVID-19 or passes away as a result of the disease.
All new and existing customers will automatically benefit from the following free additional insurance cover. The offer is applicable to all customers on boarded on or before 11 July. The insurance coverage is valid for 90 days.
If the Life Insured is diagnosed with COVID-19, Prudential Myanmar will pay a lump sum benefit of 10% of the policy sum assured, capped at MMK 500,000. If the Life Insured unfortunately passes away due to COVID-19, Prudential Myanmar will pay an extra 100% of the policy sum assured, capped at MMK 5,000,000.
“With the continued spread of COVID-19 across the world, Myanmar’s socio-economic development and the livelihoods of its people have been severely impacted. In light of the urgent need for health protection, we wish to assure our customers and their families that we remain committed to protecting their health and financial well-being. Our free-of-charge COVID-19 protection coverage is aimed at providing peace of mind as we battle the pandemic together,” Mr. Asit Rath, CEO of Prudential Myanmar, said.
In November 2019, Prudential was granted a life insurance licence from the Ministry of Planning and Finance (MoPF) of Myanmar to offer life insurance products and solutions to the people of Myanmar to meet their growing long-term protection and savings needs.

Health Insurance Plan : Everyone who is aged from 6 to 65 years can insure. Myanmar citizens and foreigners who are working, operating a business or on any other visa can apply. Guardianship is needed for the applicants aged 6 to 18 years. The policy period is one year.Premium RatePremium rate will vary based on age group and gender.
Basic Coverage (Basic unit)
Ks 20,000 per day (Maximum 60 days during policy term)Accidental death benefit
Ks 2,000,000Death due to illness
Ks 1,000,000Total Permanent Disability
Ks 1,000,000
Basic Coverage (Additional unit)/Unit
Ks 10,000 per day (Maximum 60 days during policy term)Accidental death benefit
Ks 1,000,000Death due to illness
Ks 1,000,000Total Permanent Disability
Ks 1,000,000
Optional Insurance Cover (1)/Unit
Surgical cash
Ks 500,000 per unit
Miscarriage – Ks 300,000
Optional Insurance Cover (2)/Unit
Critical illness (Stroke, Myocardial infarction /Heart Attack, Cancer from diagnosis)
Ks 1,000,000 per unit
Only (1) unit of Basic coverage (Basic unit) is allowed to purchaseBasic coverage (Additional unit) can be purchased till (8) units.Optional coverage (1) and Optional coverage (2) are allowed to purchase till (10) unitsAdditional Unit, Optional Coverage (1) and (2) can be taken together with Basic coverage (Basic unit)Optional units cannot be higher than the Basic Coverage units.

Credit : CB Health Insurance